Over my years as a mom of a houseful of children and having grown up in a family of tightwads, it’s just in my blood to save money!  I’ve added the best of my tips for being able to run a home and enjoy simple pleasures by saving a little here and a little there.

Legalism – Following the Pied Piper! – Part 2

How many of us want a vibrant or even radical Christian life? I know I do!  It’s totally biblical

Legalism – Tearing Down Babel – Part 1

We’ve all heard the buzz when a Christian leader falls into sin. A Christian organization’s false and harmful

Seeking Happiness – Or God?

We seek many things in this life.  Physical treasures, popularity, success, place, beauty. But after all is said and done (

Learning To Love & Serve – As Grandma!

I just became a “Grandmomma” again, this time to number seven!  Seven!  And according to statistics, that makes me old.  

Lilla Rose for Christmas!

With the Christmas season here, the hustle and bustle are beginning!  Our family loves the festivities like: making cookies, drinking

Should We Celebrate Christmas?

This question alone sparks much discussion and controversy in our culture.  Amazingly, it’s not just for the anti-Christian crowd.  

You’ll Go To Hell For That!

We heard someone say this to a group of friends, “You’ll go to hell for that!”  Their tone was

Lessons Learned From God’s Gift of Twins

In case you’re wondering where I’ve been…..I’m just catching up after a crazy-busy month! Life sure
The One Thing You Need to Become Friends with Your Kids

The One Thing You Need to Become Friends with Your Kids

Parenting is a lifetime occupation — and with communication as the backbone of your relationship — it can truly be the biggest

The Myth Of Getting It All Done!

As Christian, home-schooling moms, we take on so much, go against the flow, all while living in a crazy, busy

The Most Important Lesson in Home Education

When considering the most important lessen I’ve learned in home educating for the last 22 years, I must revisit the

Three Decades of Fertility book debut!

“It is not uncommon for people blessed with children to make the transition from control to chaos at some point,

Guiding Our Children In An Immodest World

Awhile back I was asked to join a blog hop.  We were asked to answer the following email. It’s

Modesty & Femininity Explored in “More Than Rules” ebook!

  Femininity is something I’ve been passionate about for decades.  God has laid on my heart a desire to

Beyond Baby Basics

                  The topic of babies spurs much passion with women who love

God’s Plan For Our Children’s Relationships – Part Two

I opened the subject of relationships in The Relationship Puzzle.  Let’s look at a crucial aspect of relationships in
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