If you’re like me, this is the first place you go on a new website.
Who’s this person I’m following?
What kind of life do they lead and what experience do they have? I getcha!

Who I am – in 8 bullet points

  • You won’t find letters after my name — but I am a wife of 44 years, mom of ten adults (yes, you read that right 😉), homeschool teacher for 30 years, and majorly in the “Grandmomma” category — we have 23!
  • God is my Father, Creator, and Guide. Jesus is my redeemer who brought freedom, growth, and joy into my life.
  • I love animals — especially my cats, dogs, fish, chickens, and beautiful birds that come to our five birdfeeders! 😊
  • I read books — lots of them! Usually several at the same time. Non-fiction is my jam.
  • Outdoors is my happy place.
  • Flowers and plants fill my gardens — my house overfloweth!
  • Random fact: I consider chopsticks the perfect form of therapy! 🥢
  • Above all those things (except God, of course) 💜 I LOVE my family!

From Mom to Mentor

Parenting didn’t always come easily to me. I learned many a hard lesson while raising my kids. And then it was over. All the years of sleepless nights and tiring days — finished.

When I found myself in what I call “forced retirement,” I wondered what I’d do with the rest of my life. Well-meaning friends would ask, “Do what you love!”
My response? “I’ve already done it! I absolutely loved raising my kids!” So now what?

So — I blended a few things I love! I love family, I love building relationships with women — sharing and learning together, and I love writing. My blog was born in 2011.

A few years ago, after training and working with coaches, I found the perfect blend —> living out the Titus 2 mandate through writing and Mom Mentoring (aka Coaching). The years of raising my family, learning and growing alongside other women, and guiding my kids individually, prepared me perfectly for this calling.

My story 👇🏻

Proof that people can change — in high school, I actually told everyone, “I’m not going to have any kids!” Now read the first bullet point in the “Who I Am” section above! Obviously, I was no prophet!

When I began life as a wife and mom, I had the crazy idea that with enough knowledge and work, my family would “arrive.”  We’d have a perfect marriage and the happiest family.

But when things didn’t look as pretty as expected, I got frustrated and angry — at myself, my husband, and my kids.  Little did I know I had a perfectionist lurking inside!

Enter the saving work of a loving God!

Yet, even after I became a Christian, I still tried to control outcomes in order to obey (I’m an Enneagram 6 so “fear” is my middle name!). I read good books, watched other moms, and worked my tail off trying to make it all work.  I’d try new things only to have the “old me” slither back in. 

Fortunately, God gently showed me that all my work was appointing me as my own rescuer.

And I was burning out!

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Finding Freedom:

In time, and through some hefty mistakes, I began to listen to Him.  Really listen. 

Did you know Jesus has already done the work? I finally started to understand what this meant and I began to surrender my control, bit by stubborn bit.

👉🏻 I realized I was worshipping the end result instead of God who gave me my life and family! 

In my quest to find “perfect,” I had silenced God and my own common sense!
Sure my goal was to live a godly life and raise godly kids — but I got so busy studying, working, and searching that I missed the good stuff!

What’s the good stuff?
the Wisdom that can only come from God
the Intuition He places within you
the Unique Gifts and Talents He gave you to use for His glory
the Lessons that come from the trials and errors of life.
• and the Peace and Rest from totally trusting Him with your future!

Freedom comes when we ignore the noise around us. Instead of listening to the crowd, we need to focus on what God says in His word and who He designed each one of us to be

You need to trust His process to see what He’s doing in your life and in your family. 

Then you can accept God’s unique design for you and your family.

It takes work to overcome habits, damaging thoughts, and lack of trust. No one wants to make mistakes — and so we fear and doubt.
We worry about how we’re raising our kids, whether we have the “perfect” marriage, and if we’re making the best decisions for our future.
And we start listening to all the noise around us.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?
Don’t worry — you’re not alone in your wondering. Your confusion. Your questions.

It’s all part of learning and growing in faith – of letting go of control. Of giving it to the One who ultimately has all the control.

With new confidence in God and how He uses you in His plan, you can choose ideas and opportunities that are best for you, and best for your family — without fear of failure.

Freedom to think for yourself will bring more growth and more joy in life. 
And I want this freedom for you!

I want you to enjoy the process of living life and loving your family well — leaning into the transitions of life — without the stress and worry that you aren’t doing or being enough. 

You really can find the freedom to enjoy life and to love your life and family well!

Living above the noise is a necessity
if you want to experience the REST and JOY in this incredibly busy world!

If you struggle to live above the noise — above the stress and comparison on social media — you worry that you’re not doing enough, then I’d like to help! 👇🏻

You’ll find ▶️ practical and thoughtful tips and ideas on how to live above the noise ▶️ in parenting, marriage, homemaking, and most importantly your faith life.

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Here’s to Living Above the Noise — together!


“Somewhere in the midst of it all, you taught me how to love my family!  Even now continuing to encourage and equip me in my journey!  So grateful for you!”   – Katelynne

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