God has an amazing plan! He designed the family to raise generations for His glory.

I believe that as you discover God’s value for you as a mom,
you’ll find Joy in the Journey and in your family!


Marriage was given to us as a gift, but all too often, we don’t treat it that way. 
We forget it entails sacrifice, forgiveness, patience, and so much more! 
Here I offer encouragement and gentle reminders to help you build your life as a couple, learning how to grow together and not apart.


There are many avenues to health.  I’ll share a few tips for you to consider how your actions, eating habits,  and activities affect your health.


Parenting is the hardest job — has the highest honor —
and offers the biggest rewards of any other responsibility we have!  Guiding your children to become all they were created to be—along with helping them learn to think–will be the best gift you can ever offer another human being.  I’ll challenge you to work harder than you thought you could, but the rewards are eternally worth it!

Raising an Entrepreneur

The way you raise your kids affects so much!  How they think, their self-esteem, and whether they realize their ability to become anything they envision.  I hope you’ll see how important your parenting is! (more coming soon!)


I’ve been homeschooling my children for almost 30 years. Yah, crazy, huh?! 
But with that experience has come lots of practical tools, real-life experience, and foundational reasons this method of education (and training for life) is so beneficial.
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Struggling to find beauty and peace in family life?
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