Parenting is the hardest job — yet has the highest honor and biggest rewards of any other responsibility we have! 

Teaching your children to become all they were created to be — and helping them learn to think – will be the best gift you can offer another human being. 
I’ll challenge you to work harder than you thought you could, yet the rewards are eternally worth it!

The Who, What, and Why Behind “Living Above the Noise”

“Who” I Write For – If you’re a woman who feels drawn to family, I believe you’ll find community and encouragement here.   It’s sad those goals aren’t valued or accepted in
How To Become A Better Parent Using Lessons from the Garden

How To Become A Better Parent Using Lessons from the Garden

Like plants, strong, capable kids don’t just “happen” without a healthy pot of rich soil. Where roots grow long and healthy. Parents need to give kids a safe place to grow and learn and broaden
Finding Love in a Storm

Finding Love in a Storm

I sit, watching the storm blow in, and I can’t help but remember my childhood at the lake. Sitting on the oversized, padded porch swing tucked under my grandparents’ cottage, my cousins and I
This Is Definitely What Christmas Is All About, Charlie Brown!

This Is Definitely What Christmas Is All About, Charlie Brown!

  Linus’s age-old adage rings as true now as it did 50 years ago!  We remember with much nostalgia when he recites Luke 2, then concludes with the refrain, “That’s what Christmas is all
There’s More To Life …..

There’s More To Life …..

Life…there are a few things we know about it.  And there are a bazillian things we don’t.  These unknowns are the things that have slowed me down in recent years. As I began

A Busy Life – Learning to Trust God

Well, as much as I love to learn and share what I’m learning, God has me in a place where the learning is obviously more important than the sharing! Again I’m explaining why

Legalism – Simon Says, “Works!”…Or Was That “Work?” – Part 3

An Age-Old Dilemma – Distinguishing Works From Work Most of us have played the game, Simon Says.  Remember how hard it was to follow those ever-changing directions?  As Christians, we often find ourselves trying out the

Legalism – Following the Pied Piper! – Part 2

How many of us want a vibrant or even radical Christian life? I know I do!  It’s totally biblical to desire the abundant Christian life.  In an upcoming post, I’ll share some simple,

Legalism – Tearing Down Babel – Part 1

We’ve all heard the buzz when a Christian leader falls into sin. A Christian organization’s false and harmful teaching is exposed.  Or the government we value make hard decisions.  We hear a friend

Learning To Love & Serve – As Grandma!

I just became a “Grandmomma” again, this time to number seven!  Seven!  And according to statistics, that makes me old.  But I don’t feel old.  Not really….but seven! Is This Your First? As

Should We Celebrate Christmas?

This question alone sparks much discussion and controversy in our culture.  Amazingly, it’s not just for the anti-Christian crowd.  It’s a big one among conservative Christians as well.  The fight to keep Christ

You’ll Go To Hell For That!

We heard someone say this to a group of friends, “You’ll go to hell for that!”  Their tone was mocking and derogatory. You might be familiar with the scene…a person calls attention to

Lessons Learned From God’s Gift of Twins

In case you’re wondering where I’ve been…..I’m just catching up after a crazy-busy month! Life sure has a way of getting away from us, doesn’t it?  Just when we think
The One Thing You Need to Become Friends with Your Kids

The One Thing You Need to Become Friends with Your Kids

Parenting is a lifetime occupation — and with communication as the backbone of your relationship — it can truly be the biggest blessing you can imagine!

The Myth Of Getting It All Done!

As Christian, home-schooling moms, we take on so much, go against the flow, all while living in a crazy, busy culture.  I hope I can help just a little as I give my answer to
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