Celebrations are the highlight of our lives — a way to honor the special people in our lives — and God’s amazing love for us.  Read on for some great ideas and reminders of what’s important to celebrate!

Entering Into Life’s ‘Back Office’ – Lessons Learned from our Holiday Gift Fair

In my Lilla Rose business, we have what’s called a ‘Back Office’ on our website, where we do our ordering, party information, and the like.  And even beyond that is the corporate office where
How To Really Give Thanks This Thanksgiving!

How To Really Give Thanks This Thanksgiving!

Reframe and Reshape Your Mindset To Find Gratitude This Season. Let’s Be Grateful grate·ful /ˈgrātfəl/ Adjective: Feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful. Synonyms: thankful – appreciative – beholden Thanksgiving — gathering with
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