Do you struggle with any of these?

  • Finding your purpose as a Christian
  • Feeling removed from God’s love and grace
  • Feeling like a fake when it comes to your faith
  • Tired of living in a culture that’s forgotten about God

Well, you’re in the right place! God takes our life and grows into what He designed us to be!  Yes, He lets us stumble and fall, but He always offers grace to become more than we could ever expect. Solid answers are found in the Bible. — I share my favorite lessons in spiritual growth. Join me as we look for ways to live out our faith with integrity.

Be encouraged!

Raising Children – A Give and Take Relationship

After reading a recent post at In The Nursery of the Nation on the blessings of giving responsibility to our older children to care for their younger siblings, I had to consider where we’ve

Let Me Be a Woman – Today!

“It’s fun to be a man!” my husband said.  He made this comment yesterday after doing the messy work of unclogging a pipe draining from our pond.  I already knew what he meant, but

A Woman in Politics – Stonewall’s Anna

Anna and Julia Jackson If you’re anything like me, with politics ranking somewhere behind going to the dentist, you might be surprised to find that supporting our government or our politicians doesn’t always
Building Up Without Burning Out – Growing Children Into Adults – Part Three

Building Up Without Burning Out – Growing Children Into Adults – Part Three

Hopefully you’ve read my posts Part One and Part Two of this series. We’ve covered: simplifying home education to avoid burn out the freedom to learn from various adventures and interests and the

Back To Blogging …. There’s No Place Like Home!

Woman At Window by Holsoe Well, I’m back to writing….blogging….maybe actually living in my own home and weeding my own gardens. From my blog silence, it’s easy to see I’ve

Learning and Growing – God’s Way

Have you ever reached for a book or called a friend for advice before reaching for God’s Word? If so, read on….  Our family has been ‘growing up’ in our faith in recent years.  
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