Parenting is the hardest job — yet has the highest honor and biggest rewards of any other responsibility we have! 

Teaching your children to become all they were created to be — and helping them learn to think – will be the best gift you can offer another human being. 
I’ll challenge you to work harder than you thought you could, yet the rewards are eternally worth it!

Guiding Our Children In An Immodest World

Awhile back I was asked to join a blog hop.  We were asked to answer the following email. It’s a biggie, so stay tuned!  I’m sure I’ll have lots more to share

Beyond Baby Basics

                  The topic of babies spurs much passion with women who love family and are—well—passionate about raising children for the glory of God.  Babies have

God’s Plan For Our Children’s Relationships – Part Two

I opened the subject of relationships in The Relationship Puzzle.  Let’s look at a crucial aspect of relationships in those our children build in their lives. Life’s Early Lessons It’s an awesome

The Relationship Puzzle – Part One

The subject of relationships can cause some people to smile.  Yet for others, it creates confusion and pain as they look back at the harsh realities of old friends or loved ones who damaged their

Routine, A Book Project, and More….

Narcissus pseudonarcissus – Daffodil –   As those who follow my blog know, I’ve been very ‘quiet’ lately.  I’ll explain….. After our family’s move last year, our routine went south.  It amazes me how

Accepting The Season of Menopause

A Variety of Suffering I was asked to write on suffering for a friend’s blog.  You might think it a bit odd that I would choose to write about menopause. There is the intense

Time Management – Making Your Priorities Center Around Relationships

There’s not a better time to be looking at our priorities than at the beginning of a new year! Amy at Blogging With Amy wrote an excellent post, Time Management Tips:  It’s Not
Would You Be Mary?

Would You Be Mary?

Now in the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a city in Galilee, called Nazareth, to a virgin engaged to a man whose name was Joseph, of the descendants of David;
Unique Family Gift Ideas

Unique Family Gift Ideas

Last month, I was asked to offer family gift ideas.  It was fun to remember the ideas we’ve come up with over the years.  And to consider what makes a gift really worthwhile! Just
Got Compassion? – It’s Not Only For The Road!

Got Compassion? – It’s Not Only For The Road!

Am I That Good Samaritan? I’m reading in Luke 10 right now and it’s very convicting.  The part about the traveler who was beaten by robbers.  And how others walked right by him while

Future Post Ideas – Traditions & Entrepreneurship!

I’m trying to get a bit more organized around my home.  Hmmm.   That’s a nice sound after moving, traveling, and all the work that entailed this summer!  And that organization includes this blog.  
A Month of Travel & Grand-baby Number Five!

A Month of Travel & Grand-baby Number Five!

To those of you who might be wondering if I still walk this planet, I thought I’d better catch you up to date! Life’s been a whirlwind this last month, as I’ve

Invincible – In Christ Alone!

   You know, the older I get, the more I find that I’m not as invincible as I once thought.  Yep, I’m ‘vincible’!  Okay, so I looked it up, and it’s not
Building Up Without Burning Out – Growing Children Into Adults – Part Three

Building Up Without Burning Out – Growing Children Into Adults – Part Three

Hopefully you’ve read my posts Part One and Part Two of this series. We’ve covered: simplifying home education to avoid burn out the freedom to learn from various adventures and interests and the

Building Up Without Burning Out – Growing Children Into Adults – Part Two

Okay, so we’re going for no “burn out” when it comes to home educating our children.  I’ll answer a reader’s questions and share some practical application for our family’s ‘method’.   “…
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