Do you struggle with any of these?

  • Finding your purpose as a Christian
  • Feeling removed from God’s love and grace
  • Feeling like a fake when it comes to your faith
  • Tired of living in a culture that’s forgotten about God

Well, you’re in the right place! God takes our life and grows into what He designed us to be!  Yes, He lets us stumble and fall, but He always offers grace to become more than we could ever expect. Solid answers are found in the Bible. — I share my favorite lessons in spiritual growth. Join me as we look for ways to live out our faith with integrity.

Be encouraged!

“Constructing” Successful Adults

“Constructing” Successful Adults

Have you ever felt that raising a child to adulthood is as complicated as managing the construction of the major building?  As parents, we often wonder if we’re capable of teaching our children what
On Gratefulness

On Gratefulness

The words of a ten year old boy stopped me in my tracks the other day.  They really made me think about the meaning of gratefulness. I can describe this word and look it up
Finding Quiet In A Noisy World

Finding Quiet In A Noisy World

I awoke this morning to my usual world, one where I don’t know where I’ll be living in a year, with ceilings that look like I’m in a doctor’s office, and

The Sigh of Humility

Have you ever thought much about humility?  If you’re a Christian, I’m pretty sure you have. But have you really thought about what it takes to be truly humble?  To be completely at

The Relationship Puzzle – Part One

The subject of relationships can cause some people to smile.  Yet for others, it creates confusion and pain as they look back at the harsh realities of old friends or loved ones who damaged their

A Busy Life – Learning to Trust God

Well, as much as I love to learn and share what I’m learning, God has me in a place where the learning is obviously more important than the sharing! Again I’m explaining why

Accepting The Season of Menopause

A Variety of Suffering I was asked to write on suffering for a friend’s blog.  You might think it a bit odd that I would choose to write about menopause. There is the intense

Legalism – Following the Pied Piper! – Part 2

How many of us want a vibrant or even radical Christian life? I know I do!  It’s totally biblical to desire the abundant Christian life.  In an upcoming post, I’ll share some simple,

What Do You Value?

What is the value of a coin? A car? A house? A person? A human soul? The term ‘value’ has many connotations.  What is valuable to one person may not be to another.  A coin

Legalism – Tearing Down Babel – Part 1

We’ve all heard the buzz when a Christian leader falls into sin. A Christian organization’s false and harmful teaching is exposed.  Or the government we value make hard decisions.  We hear a friend

The Myth Of Getting It All Done!

As Christian, home-schooling moms, we take on so much, go against the flow, all while living in a crazy, busy culture.  I hope I can help just a little as I give my answer to
My Struggle to Find Focus —  Biblical Truth for a Blogger

My Struggle to Find Focus — Biblical Truth for a Blogger

I’ll be honest with you — I’ve been struggling with my blog focus lately.  I’ve wondered if my content is relevant to your needs.  Am I only adding to all the
What’s This About Christmas and Tiny Tim?

What’s This About Christmas and Tiny Tim?

Well, we’ve entered into this holiday season full swing!  In our home, the decorations were slowly put up to savor each activity — the gifts gathered with each special person in mind — the Christmas movies

Treats From The Blogging World!

Stepping Heavenward, Squeezing The Tube, and Trim Healthy Mama I’ve been blessed by some treats in the blogging world, so I thought I’d pass them along.  Enjoy and be filled! Bambi over at

Lessons from the Ruckus of Life

My children have asked what the ‘living above the noise’ part of my web name is about.  When I first heard that term I just knew it summed up so much of my many lessons –
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