Do you struggle with any of these?

  • Finding your purpose as a Christian
  • Feeling removed from God’s love and grace
  • Feeling like a fake when it comes to your faith
  • Tired of living in a culture that’s forgotten about God

Well, you’re in the right place! God takes our life and grows into what He designed us to be!  Yes, He lets us stumble and fall, but He always offers grace to become more than we could ever expect. Solid answers are found in the Bible. — I share my favorite lessons in spiritual growth. Join me as we look for ways to live out our faith with integrity.

Be encouraged!

Finding Quiet In A Noisy World

Finding Quiet In A Noisy World

I awoke this morning to my usual world, one where I don’t know where I’ll be living in a year, with ceilings that look like I’m in a doctor’s office, and

On Blogging, Facebook, And Being “Liked”

Another month has come and gone!  I’m feeling a little pressure to get my posts…well…posted!  But more travel came my way with the unexpected death of a midwife friend and the potential

Legalism – Following the Pied Piper! – Part 2

How many of us want a vibrant or even radical Christian life? I know I do!  It’s totally biblical to desire the abundant Christian life.  In an upcoming post, I’ll share some simple,
A Savior Born to Die!

A Savior Born to Die!

A Savior Born to Die! A Savior born to us! A Savior born to teach us how to live – and trust. A Savior born to make us right with God. A Savior born to die. &
Let Me Be a Woman – Today!

Let Me Be a Woman – Today!

What is God’s view of a woman? Take time to consider the ways you feel like a woman today.

Guiding Our Children In An Immodest World

Awhile back I was asked to join a blog hop.  We were asked to answer the following email. It’s a biggie, so stay tuned!  I’m sure I’ll have lots more to share

Back To Blogging …. There’s No Place Like Home!

Woman At Window by Holsoe Well, I’m back to writing….blogging….maybe actually living in my own home and weeding my own gardens. From my blog silence, it’s easy to see I’ve

Legalism – Simon Says, “Works!”…Or Was That “Work?” – Part 3

An Age-Old Dilemma – Distinguishing Works From Work Most of us have played the game, Simon Says.  Remember how hard it was to follow those ever-changing directions?  As Christians, we often find ourselves trying out the

Should We Celebrate Christmas?

This question alone sparks much discussion and controversy in our culture.  Amazingly, it’s not just for the anti-Christian crowd.  It’s a big one among conservative Christians as well.  The fight to keep Christ
Let Pain Do It’s Perfect Work

Let Pain Do It’s Perfect Work

We live in a society that does it’s utmost to avoid pain.  We are told to “be happy,” “put a smile on your face,” and “grab a Coke, Starbucks, or Budweiser.”  You name it,

A Busy Life – Learning to Trust God

Well, as much as I love to learn and share what I’m learning, God has me in a place where the learning is obviously more important than the sharing! Again I’m explaining why
Is Your Spirit Willing, But Your Flesh Weak?

Is Your Spirit Willing, But Your Flesh Weak?

  Hardship reveals weakness. Weakness encourages humility. Humility brings forth grace. Give thanks for hardship.                                                                           ~R.C. Sproul Jr. Jesus […]

What Are Your Treasures?

    Jesus words in Luke 12 gives me a lot to think about! The Master speaks of our treasures. Treasures…. What are they?  Where do they come from?  How earnestly do I seek them?  What

Make the Holidays Work for You!

What a great time of year!  You know that feeling – one of amazement (and a bit of disappointment) that another Christmas season has come and gone, and yet, there’s the anticipation and excitement that

The Relationship Puzzle – Part One

The subject of relationships can cause some people to smile.  Yet for others, it creates confusion and pain as they look back at the harsh realities of old friends or loved ones who damaged their
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